Wastewater treatment

Problems in connection with wastewater treatment are approachable in several ways. The experts of PureAqua Llc. always start to solve the actual problems from the customer’s point of view. This way, in the technological proposals, besides the investment cost of the systems, we put emphasis on minimizing the operational costs and on ensuring simple and failure-free operational conditions.

During the revision of operating systems, besides the local data collection, with the help of the latest IT devices we are able to identify areas for potential improvement and fittings in question (bottlenecks of the facilities). Due to our many years’ experience, we are able to accompany the given optimization proposals, and manage professional, operational tasks even with our technician group on request.

We can rely on our own developed revision method and special instrumentation therefore we are able to manage energetic optimization projects. During these kinds of processes we identify the main electrical consumers of wastewater treatment, water treatment or water transport systems and their energy consumption. Lastly, we make complex proposals in order to develop the energy efficiency of the technology and its equipment. Using our measurements and proposals we could promote several operators to accomplish investments with 1-3 years’ pay-off. To reach this goal successfully, we can support the customers with own sources on demand.

Our references and licenses (and the co-operation with our partners on demand) entitle our key people to fulfill various kinds of technology design and other professional projects. We make the following kinds of comprehensive plans in the field of wastewater treatment technologies, wastewater treatment plants, sewage systems and linked facilities:

  • Concept plan documentation,
  • Licensing documentation
    • Full-scale water permit licensing documentation (establishment, operation),
    • Preliminary examination documentation (“EVD”)
    • Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC/“EKHE”) documentation,
    • Building permit documentation,
  • Tender documentation,
  • Implementation/Installation documentation,
  • As-built (,,D”) documentation.

Technology design is carried out based on the directives of the ATV 131 and our own professional experiences, and aided by dynamic software simulation (BioWin).

By preparing wastewater treatment offers/proposals, the international, domestic and the up-to-date engineering knowledge are taken into consideration. During carrying out major construction turnkey projects, we consider the professional standards and material choices that meet the customers’ demand.

Besides our design liability insurance, during the implementation we put special emphasis on the insurance of the guarantee conditions.

Our activity is carried out with third party liability insurance.

More information about our design and operation references can be found in the References menu. 

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