Professional consultant competences

Regarding the Government Decree 297/2009. (XII. 21.) about the environmental, nature conservational, water management and landscape protection professional consultant activity, our environmental professional consultant competences are the followings:

Environmental protection, (abbr.SZV):

  • waste management SZKV 1.1
  • air quality protection SZKV 1.2
  • hydrological and geological protection SZV 1.3

Fulfilling our professional duties, we care about the protection of the quality of surface waters according to the 220/2004. (VII. 21.) Gov. decree, eespecially in connection with schedules of pollution reduction and we are also in charge of making other expert studies.
Our competences, according to the Government Decree 104/2006. (IV. 28.) about settlement design, architectural and technical design and technical consultant competences, and the Government Decree 266/2013. (VII. 11.) about constructional processes and professional competences required, are the following:

Special field of constructions in connection with water management, field of technical professional consultancy linked to specialized constructional processes.

Professional consultancy of constructions in the field of water supplement of settlements, water management and water supply management (SZÉM3 or VZ-SZ)

  • Professional consultancy in water engineering SZÉM3 (VZ-SZ)

Other competences demanding special problems are solved in co-operation with our partners in the field of design and professional consultancy.

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